Custom Labels for Detergents and Household Products

For Products that Keep Dirt and Competition Away

In a crowded market with countless options available on store shelves, the labels of cleaning and household products significantly impact buyers' decisions. However, the real challenges for these products' labels emerge especially after they reach households, where they are often put to the test.

Balance Between Strength and Flexibility

From being stored in demanding environments with fluctuating temperatures and humidity, such as basements, garages, or steamy bathrooms, to coming into contact with various chemicals and being frequently handled, sometimes by squeezing the contents, the labels of products in this field must maintain a balance between strength and flexibility.

At the same time, they need to provide enough space for printing an attractive design that reflects the quality and efficiency of the products, as well as essential information such as the list of ingredients, usage instructions, and safety warnings.

Label Quality Reflects Product Efficiency

With a diverse range of cleaning and home care needs, there are numerous types of products that consumers trust and use regularly.

Products in the category of detergents, degreasers, disinfectants, or mold removers require durable and resistant labels capable of withstanding the active substances in their composition. These substances can affect the integrity and appearance of the labels, causing discoloration, staining, wrinkling, or even complete detachment.

The correct selection of component materials, from robust substrates such as polypropylene to high-performance adhesives and inks, along with finishes such as coating or lamination, ensures that the product's branding, but more importantly, all useful information for users, will always be available on the labels.

Grafoprint - The Standard of Excellence in Product Label Printing

Whether you want to introduce a new product to the market or are looking for another label supplier for your existing products, you need a partner who knows your industry, can determine your specific needs, and guide you in choosing the right materials, adhesives, and printing techniques, taking into account trends and regulations.

We have an extensive portfolio of raw materials that enhance the resistance and attractiveness of the label, as well as the ability to adapt printing and finishing methods to the shape and size of any product.

We create custom self-adhesive labels in any shape or size, for manual or automatic labeling on any type of container, packaging, or surface.

Extended Capabilities

To make your products truly stand out, we offer complex solutions that go beyond the limitations of a basic label.

We are equipped with a production line that allows a wide range of printing and finishing procedures, and we always ensure that you are aware of our potential to take your product labels to the next level.

Discover a world full of options

Through the digital printing process, we can customize each label individually with unique texts, numbers, codes, or designs, ensuring that no two labels are identical.

Incorporating variable elements into your label designs creates a differentiation factor between your product and the rest on the shelf, allowing you to address buyers directly and establish an emotional connection with them by appealing to their personal values.

The more a buyer identifies with the story that includes your products, the more likely they are to purchase them.

Remarkable results are achieved by personalizing and targeting campaigns, promoting limited edition products, or adapting label designs to specific regions and interests.

A Tactile Power of Expression

Embossing is a sophisticated process used to raise specific elements of a label's design through controlled pressure. By deforming the material, height differences are created that generate a subtle play of light and shadow, attracting attention and inviting touch. This adds a tactile dimension to the label and gives it a sophisticated and exclusive overall appearance.

Embossed labels highlight the complexity of the design, suggesting an attention to detail that increases the perceived value of the product, something that certainly sparks buyers' interest.

Embossing can be done on a wide range of special materials, and for an added touch of refinement, this process can be combined with hot foil stamping.

It's Simply Hard to Ignore Something Shiny

Metallic foil visually replicates the shine of a particular metal, such as gold, silver, copper, or bronze.

The distinct and elegant sheen of labels containing metallic and reflective elements contributes to a premium perception of the products, increasing their attractiveness and perceived value.

When integrated into the design on a dark background or combined with other embellishment methods such as embossing or screen printing, the result is truly spectacular, capturing the interest of even the most sophisticated buyers.

Add a New Dimension to Your Labels

Buyers can be attracted not only by the appearance but also by the attention to detail and the pleasant tactile sensation your product labels offer. By providing shine and volume to desired details through screen printing, tactile varnish adds a new dimension to the labels that can be explored through senses other than just visual.

Screen printing, a sophisticated printing technique, allows the precise transfer of varnish onto the label's surface through a screen with perforations only in the areas corresponding to the graphic elements.

This technique is ideal for sophisticated design concepts, creating a label that not only stands out visually but also offers a memorable tactile experience for buyers.

Protective Varnish

To extend the lifespan of your labels, ensuring shine and color intensity, preventing fading due to sun and moisture exposure, and protecting them from moderate wear, we can coat the printed material with a protective varnish. Just like sunscreen protects our skin from burns, varnishes harden instantly under UV light and create a protective shield.

More related to the function of the labels than their aesthetics, varnishes can be matte or glossy to complement the most standard types of materials. Applying a matte varnish is recommended on a matte material, giving the labels a discreet and elegant look, while on a glossy material, a glossy varnish will be applied to highlight the colors and shine of the labels.

Selective Varnish

In addition to their essential role in protecting labels, varnish coatings contribute to creating a visual effect when applied only to certain design components, thereby adding depth and shine to the labels.

Due to the contrast and visual differences that appear between the application areas and the rest of the label, selective varnishing is one of the most intriguing embellishment methods available.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a glossy finish for more vibrant colors, matte for added elegance and refinement, or satin for a subtle shine.

Maximize the Appeal and Durability of Your Labels

The quality of your labels reflects the quality of your products, so it's important to ensure that your products look great on store shelves. Frequent handling, moisture, or contact with various chemicals can lead to the wear and degradation of labels, severely affecting your brand image.

The process of laminating product labels is a technique used to enhance their appearance and durability. By applying a thin film of plastic material over their surface, a protective layer is created that offers superior resistance and an exceptional look to the labels.

Just like protective varnishes, lamination is available in glossy or matte finishes. However, due to the added thickness to the printed material, it creates a refined-premium effect and a distinctive shine that varnishes cannot replicate.

Back Printing

To fully exploit the potential of a label, we offer a wide range of printing options, so in addition to classic front-side printing, we can also print on the back of the labels.

In this way, an apparently simple bottle can have a modern, remarkable design, or in the case of smaller packaging, you can double the information display space on the same surface.

Back printing opens up a range of entirely new aesthetic and functional possibilities, especially for transparent containers:

– No need for a back label: applied to a transparent container, the label is visible on both sides.
– Spectacular visual effects through the combination of a front label and a back label applied to a transparent container.
– The adhesive used can be removable, allowing the label to be peeled off and the information on the back to be read.

Unique Shapes for Unique Visions

Does your product or its packaging have a special shape, with unique angles and contours? Is the label design complex, and do you want to complement the graphic concept with a distinctive die-cut shape to make your product stand out?

Or perhaps none of the over 4,000 die-cut shapes in our library meet your specific needs, and you want a customized solution with an interior cutout that allows the product to be visible in a unique way.

While most products found on store shelves have standard labels that are often square, round, or oval, we promise that this is not a rule that limits your die-cutting options to common and ordinary shapes.

Multiple Personalization Options

While market rules and trends change often, we stay up-to-date with the latest updates and innovations in the industry. Depending on your specific desires and needs, we propose various material constructions and adhesives.

  • - Paper with different structures and thicknesses, (semi)glossy, (un)coated, matte, satin, smooth or textured, thermal paper, metallic paper, etc.
  • - Matte or glossy BOPP films, transparent polyester films, self-adhesive PP films, white or transparent polypropylene, etc.
  • -Permanent, reusable, deep freeze adhesive (resistant to extreme temperatures), etc., only from manufacturers tested and approved at the European level.

Small Runs? No Problem!

Experience the freedom of having the number of labels you need when you need them. We work with businesses of all sizes and understand that sometimes a small number of labels is necessary to dynamically react to market trends by changing the design or information on the labels due to new regulations.

Flexible runs facilitate market segmentation and are ideal for seasonal products, specific marketing campaigns, promotions, or events. They enable efficient testing of new products and their limited edition release, avoiding capital blockages in large and unnecessary label inventories, while contributing to a more sustainable approach by minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Not Sure What Your Product Label Should Look Like? Do Not Worry!

We provide you with a team specialized in product label design, offering you complete graphic services that are implementable and verified with our production department.

Our over 30 years of experience gives us deep insight into labeling solutions, and we understand the needs, goals, and challenges specific to each area we serve.

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Impressive production speed, clear details, vibrant colors, flexibility in material choices, and very cost-effective for large print runs due to lower unit and operational costs.
Digital Printing
Supports creativity at a new level and opens up new opportunities for design and coherent integration of labels into marketing campaigns. Always the right choice for printing small to medium volumes at the highest quality.
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