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Founded in 1991, Grafoprint is one of the first private printing companies in Romania. For over three decades, we have been at the forefront of the printing industry, contributing to the increased visibility and perceived value of products on store shelves with customized product label printing solutions.


We aim to provide customized label printing solutions that express the identity of products in the most engaging ways, positioning them at the center of buyers' attention towards the desired commercial success.


We see labels as more than just ways to identify products. They open a channel of communication to buyers, providing an authentic insight into the essence and values of their brands and products.

We print the labels of the best-selling products in Romania

Product labels can vary in numerous ways, but rarely in their importance in influencing buyers' decisions. Retail competition is tough, and we fully understand the need for product promotion and the diversity of labeling needs.

By following global trends in the selection of technological processes, we open new horizons of opportunities for our clients. With a comprehensive approach, we offer consulting, design, and professional printing services on high-quality materials. We print billions of labels annually for all types of products, from alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to food, cosmetics, and chemical products.

The moment you realize the importance of how your products present themselves to buyers marks the need for a reliable partner. By collaborating with us, you will discover that we are more than just an ordinary label supplier. We build lasting and authentic relationships and passionately engage in all our projects.

Grafoprint values


We are unwavering in our commitment to quality. It represents the essence of our values and the foundation on which we have built our reputation and trust-based relationships with our clients. It distinguishes us and we cultivate it in every aspect of our activities. It is the promise we passionately honor with every label we print.


Innovation is at the forefront of our goals. We are attentive to market needs and are aware of the challenges of each segment. We have a bold vision of the future and want to participate in shaping it. By understanding the opportunities offered by the use of new materials and printing and finishing technologies, we are fully dedicated to our development.


We understand the need for predictability that a reliable partner provides. Someone who knows your needs and whom you can rely on to support the development of your business. Our long-term relationship with our clients represents the measure of our success. It is very valuable to us, and each project is an opportunity to strengthen this bond.

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