Color Management

Precise and Consistent Colors

Labels are printed on a wide range of materials and applied to various types of products, packaging, or containers. These can have different shapes, textures, and colors and are often exposed to diverse environments with varying temperatures and humidity levels.

Without a good understanding of how inks work, two labels printed at different times, with different processes and printing machines, and later applied to different surfaces, will inevitably look different.

Maintaining the consistency and uniformity of colors on each label, from one print run to another, regardless of the material they are printed on and the surface they are applied to, requires a high level of ink management. This is an essential quality standard for conveying the desired message and building a lasting and meaningful connection with buyers

By using modern technologies and a comprehensive ink management system, we eliminate variables from the production process. We offer a predictable result by determining, reproducing with the smallest possible deviation, and maintaining color consistency in every print run, on every label.

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Realizam conversia designului grafic la parametrii tehnici ai utilajelor de tipar prin numeroase operațiuni de prelucrare a imaginilor, textelor si elementelor grafice.
We will guide you through the selection process of materials, adhesives, inks, and finishing possibilities to extend the lifespan, functionality, and visual impact of the labels.
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