Unlock the Aesthetic and Functional Potential of Labels

In an era marked by rapid technological advances and constant changes, screen printing remains one of the most popular and versatile printing methods, being a creative and functional solution for printing product labels.

Screen Printing in Detail

Screen printing is a printing method that uses a fabric stretched over a metal frame, known as a screen. This screen is pre-treated with an impermeable substance in areas that should not allow the passage of inks or varnishes, according to the desired print design.

The printing process involves transferring inks or varnishes by uniformly pressing them with a squeegee along a line of contact formed between the fine openings of the screen and the surface of the printable material.

For Labels That Make Their Presence Felt

Although it is one of the oldest printing methods, screen printing continues to offer creative opportunities to enhance the appearance of product labels by highlighting logos, texts, or other design elements.

Screen printing allows, through the printing of inks and varnishes, the achievement of remarkable chromatic and tactile effects that add an additional level of elegance and refinement to the labels.

Volumetric varnishes create a "lens" effect that highlights the underlying graphic elements and practically develops an additional dimension, giving the labels a shiny 3D appearance and a pleasant texture to the touch.

Key Advantages


Screen printing has superior resistance to wear factors such as humidity and extreme temperatures, thus guaranteeing the maintenance of the initial appearance of the print regardless of conditions.


Due to its ability to adapt to durability and aesthetic requirements on a wide range of substrates, screen printing is a versatile and efficient option for various industries.


Screen printing stands out as a cost-effective method for medium and large volumes. After completing the initial setup, the printing process is quick and easy, leading to reduced unit costs as the volume increases.

Other Technologies

Digital Printing
It takes creativity to another level and opens new opportunities for design and coherent integration of labels in marketing campaigns. Always the right choice for printing small and medium volumes at the highest quality.
Flexographic Printing
Impressive production speed, sharp details, vibrant colors, flexibility in material choice and very cost effective for large runs due to lower unit and operational cost.
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