From Design to Label

To adapt the label image visible on the computer screen to the printing process, we conduct a pre-production stage known as Macheting and Prepress.

Prepress is a fundamental initial process in label production. Every graphic detail is carefully checked and adapted to the technical parameters of the printing equipment, providing us with greater control over the quality of the final product.

This process includes essential activities such as image processing, color separations and corrections, trapping, and vectorization. It also involves arranging all elements on the page in perfect harmony, considering proportions, spacing, alignment, and contrast, to ensure that the printed materials form a cohesive whole.

Note : It is important to mention that we also offer graphic design services for your product labels. However, the above text describes the prepress process, which focuses exclusively on the technical preparation of graphic files for printing. For design services, please refer to our dedicated page for this process.

Other services

Label Design
We offer complete, implementable graphic services, verified with our production department.
Color Management
We remove the variables from the production process and deliver a predictable result by determining, replicating and maintaining color constancy with each run.
We will guide you through the process of selecting materials, adhesives, inks and finishing options to extend the life, functionality and visual impact of your labels.
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