Digital Printing

Superior Quality and Absolute Flexibility

Digital printing represents the modern technology of transferring digital information such as images, texts, and graphic compositions directly onto the surface of printable materials. This method eliminates the need for printing plates and intermediate machine preparation stages, significantly simplifying the production process of product labels, offering superior flexibility and remarkable print quality.

Redefining Label Printing Possibilities

Compared to flexographic printing, where images are obtained by overlapping CMYK color planes, digital printing additionally uses orange and violet colors to cover up to 97% of the SPOT color palette often used in flexographic printing.

The process is simplified with no initial costs and intermediate stages of obtaining printing plates or downtime for configuring and calibrating the printing machines

Without imposing a minimum quantity of printed labels, digital printing is always the right choice for small to medium runs. The printing process can start much faster and offers superior flexibility for frequent design changes or last-minute modifications.

While flexo technology offers reduced costs for printing large volumes of labels, no other printing method offers greater flexibility and better print quality than digital printing.

Digital Printing - For Out-of-the-Box Labels

Digital technology allows for variable data printing and opens new horizons in product label customization. The same products can now have different labels with fully customized content in various unique combinations of texts, codes, images, or graphic elements.

This flexibility allows you to test various branding variants and the coherent integration of labels into marketing campaigns.

You can address the target audience of your products in a much more personal and targeted way, with relevant personalized messages and images based on their interests, thus establishing an emotional connection with them.

Key advantages

Variable Data

The ability to integrate variable data into the design and composition of product labels brings remarkable flexibility and offers a wide range of customization options.


Digital printing is distinguished by impeccable and consistent print quality. With perfect registration and vibrant, intense colors, it ensures faithful reproduction of SPOT colors and photo-realistic images, maintaining the clarity of small-sized details.


Digital printing has a significantly smaller environmental impact compared to conventional printing methods. It reduces the amount of waste associated with the production of printing plates and the cleaning cycles after each use, as well as the waste of printable material during press calibration.


Without imposing a minimum quantity, digital printing is the ideal solution for short to medium runs, which can be unprofitable for flexographic printing due to the costs associated with obtaining printing plates and press setup times.

Other Technologies

Flexographic Printing
Impressive production speed, clear details, vibrant colors, flexibility in material choices, and very cost-effective for large print runs due to lower unit and operational costs.
Screen Printing
Sophisticated, with strong color intensity, greater coverage and good edge definition, screen printing greatly increases creative options by achieving outstanding chromatic and tactile effects
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