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Flexography is a highly efficient printing method known for its speed, quality, and flexibility. The process relies on the use of photopolymer printing plates (commonly referred to as clichés) to transfer quick-drying ink onto the surface of printable materials in a high-speed rotary process.

How We Bring Your Product Labels to Life

ach printing plate is created before the printing process and contains in relief the design corresponding to each color from the total mix of colors that compose the label image (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, or other special colors).

The printing plates are then mounted separately on a rotating cylinder in one of the press's 8 printing units, each responsible in turn for transferring a single color. Thus, by layering the color planes on the surface of the printable material as it moves from one printing unit to the next, the final image is built.

The result? Impressive ink density, bright images, vibrant colors, precise details, and the same print quality from one run to the next.

Why Choose Flexographic Printing?

Flexographic printing can easily adapt to your specific needs. With approximately 4 kilometers of material printed per hour, you benefit from impressive production speed and great flexibility in material choices, making it the perfect choice for product labels and flexible packaging.

In addition, compared to other printing technologies, flexo presses allow combined inline printing with multiple finishing operations in a single pass, such as lamination, metallic foil application, UV varnishing, and finally die-cutting to the desired shape and size.

Even though flexographic label printing involves the initial cost of making the printing plates and the time required for press setup and configuration, the efficiency and production speed are so high that they compensate well for these costs, making medium and large runs very cost-effective.

Grafoprint - Equipped for Excellence

With one of the most robust printing capacities in the industry, flexographic technology plays an important role in Grafoprint's production portfolio. We have a fleet of state-of-the-art flexo presses operated by highly experienced technicians and continue to invest constantly in this technology.

Our printing processes are supported by in-house plate manufacturing for an integrated production chain, allowing us total control over the quality, costs, and speed of our services.

To guarantee print quality and ensure consistent and accurate color reproduction with every order, we use computerized systems and integrated spectrophotometers to detect even the smallest printing defects.

Key Advantages

Speed Without Compromises

Flexographic technology allows us to exceed expectations in terms of speed, efficiency, and quality in meeting our customers' needs.


With approximately four kilometers of material printed in less than an hour, the high print speed and reusable printing plates offer an impressive level of productivity.

Substrate Versatility

rom paper and cardboard to plastic films or other synthetic materials of varying thicknesses, we guarantee excellent print quality on a wide range of porous and non-porous, absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.

Color Consistency

From basic CMYK colors to Pantone or other special properties, a variety of inks can be used, and the uniformity of the printed products' appearance from one run to another is guaranteed, regardless of the print volume.

Inline Finishing

Flexographic presses allow simultaneous inline processing, integrating both ink printing and finishing procedures such as lamination, cold foil application, or die-cutting of the printed material within the same workflow.


Flexographic printing is extremely cost-effective for large runs, and reusable printing plates keep costs low for repeat orders.

Other Technologies

Digital Printing
Supports creativity at a new level and opens new opportunities for design and coherent integration of labels into marketing campaigns. Always the right choice for printing small to medium volumes at the highest quality.
Screen printing
Sophisticated, with strong color intensity, higher coverage, and good edge definition, screen printing significantly increases creative options by achieving exceptional chromatic and tactile effects.
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